Golden Horn

Bol is the oldest coastal settlement in the island of Brač. It is situated on the south side of the island and stretches few kilometers along the coast.

The sea in front of it is crystal clear, transparent waves resemble a cut crystal. Dominican monastery, rising in the holy peace is located on the east side of Bol, at the peninsula Glavica. Its museum has a rich archeological collection and diverse valuable objects and paintings. The urban core of Bol is shaped along with the port. There are baroque summer residence, Loza with a little church, renaissance-baroque palace with an art gallery inside it, the parish church.

Stylish buildings modestly fit the harmonious houses made in the original national architectural style. Next to the town is located the beach made up of smooth white pebbles, the Golden Horn. It took the front pages of many prestigious global newspapers. The beach changes its position and shape depending on the wind and currents. It’s a windsurfing hot spot.