Hvar belongs to a group of Middle Dalmatia Islands and is considered the sunniest Croatian island, with an annual average of 2726 hours of sun. Hvar is recognizable for its numerous bays, some of which completely inhabited, and some reachable only by the sea. Larger centers on the island of Hvar are Hvar town, Stari Grad and Jelsa.

Name of the island comes from the Greek colony called “Pharos”, however, it is important to know that traces of life on the island of Hvar goes back to the Neolithic period. In Roman times on the island were built villas and agricultural estates, which resulted in a long tradition of viticulture, but also the high culture of residence. Hvar is called the island of lavender since that plant grows here in abundance, as well as rosemary and sage.

Either you decide to wonder around old stone streets visiting architectural attractions, hang in cafe’s absorbing the sun and enjoying the beautiful view on this jewel hidden by the time or taste Dalmatian gastronomical offer in the best restaurants you’ll have a memorable experience.