This charming village on the north side of the island of Brač is often listed as one of the prettiest villages in Europe. This picturesque village is located at the end of the deep natural cove. It is known for it’ s culture of stone masonry. Pucisca is rich in white stone and exactly the local stone has contributed to the development of the town. The work with the stone is brought over from generation to generation. There is a beautiful stonemason school in the village.

Many palaces throughout the world have been built with the stone from Pučišća, since the renaissance age until today. Many domestic and foreign sculptors use this stone for its works which are set on many public places. Harmony houses made of white stone, famous Masonry school, renaissance palaces, baroque buildings also made of white stone are simply breathtaking. At local souvenir shops, you can buy affordable original souvenirs handcrafted of famous “white house “marble. This area is also known for it’ s production of olive-oil, vine, and figs.